Random thoughts in a town by the seaside

Old structures, distant memories and a walk into a town where the architecture reflects some of the hardship that the community in Narathiwat are enduring. The weather on Day Three is blisteringly hot, and the humid, even for a veteran traveller who could not stop sweating. During Ramadan, the Muslim community refrain from eating and drinking during the day, while indulging in simple, sweet, spicy meals at night. Halal food is easily accessible, while one can find alcohol at the 7-11 and some restaurants.

The most popular transport is the motorcycle, which is affordable and easy to ride in many smaller roads. I stuck to walking, despite the many invitations to hitch a ride in their pickup trucks and taxi motorcycles. Its easier for me to walk, even in the incredible heat, to meet people, engage in conversations, and to observe life in Narathiwat.

I feel removed from global and Thai news, many times ignoring the annoying alerts on my BlackBerry whenever news would materialise. I feel a need to distant myself from the world, to focus my thoughts and senses on Narathiwat.

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