Thailand's PAD protesting at the US Embassy in Bangkok

21 August 2012 - Demonstration in Bangkok, in front of the US Embassy; estimation of 300 people, which included curious onlookers and undercover police. Started as a non-violent protest by civilians, some in military fatigues, some waving flags, a handful wearing red-star caps and others at the pavement, listening to the speeches and enjoying the fresh food. The Yellows (People's Alliance for Democracy) were protesting against US' decision to allow their former prime minister, Thaksin access to a visa. Something about US of Anarchy not respecting the concerns of the Yellows and demanding that the US ambassador leaves Thailand... yeah, something to that effect.

In front of the Embassy

US Ambassador Kristie and former PM Thaksin

Ironically Thais depend a lot on the US, absorbing its culture

Free food given to participants and spectators

Anti-US "sentiments"

Crowded. Congestion of the roads

Yellow-shirt and the Thai flag

Protesters resting at the roadside

Not much of a mayhem, merely cosmetic carnage

Wreath for a funeral? 


FINALE - Yellow Karate Kick

Its refreshing to see the carnival-like atmosphere of many demonstrations in Thailand, especially in Bangkok. Admittedly this government has shown tolerance and respect (perhaps grudgingly, as this is indeed Thai-style politics) for the rights of Thais to participate in demonstrations, unlike the 2010 crackdown during the previous regime.

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