Half-baked ideas lead to a decay of justice

woman at work, clearing the trash

Half-baked ideas.

We hear too many impractical solutions on the world's problems. Its not as if we have not heard them before. These grand ideas and approaches are the pure vomit of lazy bureaucrats, wannabes and people with double-degrees + PhD from some God-forsaken university. 

Irrelevant to me. 

Committing political will at this stage may only solve self-esteem issues and the need to be in front of a camera, dazed by the flashes, posing obnoxiously for the photo-shoot. 

Justice for the poor? Nonsense. Even after decades of civilized governance and warehouses filled with "lessons learned" documents, we have failed to even nurture the spirit for society to jointly combat poverty, or realistically reduce the numbers of rural poor. 

Seems nowadays people are falling on top of each other, trying to outwit themselves, merely to stress the obvious: The rule of law is when one has the money to purchase a luxurious lifestyle and secure that freedom of enjoyment. 

In the meantime, those above the working class continue to dream of being rich, in the midst of the hectic and often pressured corporate rat race. For what? To be rubbing shoulders with the ultra-rich, for the sake of vanity and a frivolous lifestyle? 

There is no end to these constant lectures on human rights and how we must consort with the Institutions, which according to them, is essential for tackling poverty. Rubbish. Everything seems to go downhill from here. Courtesy of an oppressive establishment bent on subduing the majority. 

I believe that governing principles are meaningless for people living in poverty, unless they have access to justice. As long as those suffering in the pits of society's neglect are without their rights and the means to advocate for their needs, then people are doomed into this wicked oblivion. 

Such oblivion if only for the poor, while the privileged are excluded from the misery and loss. 

There has never been a time when one has not said that the rich can walk away from justice due to their station and their roles in the greater good of the business world. We have said and thought about it often but sadly some of us refuse to act upon it. A contradiction of thoughts and a cowardly outlook to life.   

Poverty is a barrier, it prevents people from enjoying the benefits of the law. Though one may question whether the law actually serves a purpose for the rich and poor. 

We are always drowned in the repetitive campaigns of equality. Yet I see no vast improvements in these public-relation exercises. I do not think society should depend on the rule of law to dictate the present and future of humanity. If we do, we shall procreate a life devoid of value.  

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