Hysteria of Floods and Inefficiency in Bangkok

There is enough hysteria in Bangkok. Flash floods wrecking nerves of residents, stirring panic and this incredible need for back-biting.

Oh yes indeed, people seem to love a good drama in the capital of Thailand. Such is the nerve of many members of the society whether local or foreigner.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, or commonly known as City Hall, is largely responsible for all aspects of this sprawling city. Yet despite their outrageous yearly bloated budgets for managing the infrastructures, I see no indicators of progressive development.

Comes to no surprise for a travelling Malaysian, I see such similarities in Kuala Lumpur where the establishment has drowned urbanites in endless bureaucracy and redundancy. Obviously urban planning has gone to the dogs.

Red tape and funds for outrageous projects that does not serve any purpose seem to be the norm in mega-cities in the region.

Floods come and go; people living and working in Bangkok seem oblivious to the benefits of solidarity and collective empowerment. City officials command them towards ignorance or at times down the cesspool of inaction.

Despite decades of flood experience and best practices, Bangkok recruits mind-numbing "experts" to repeat the same useless cycle of intervention, along with ass-kissing cronies.

Last year, the head of BMA, declared a sophisticated and expensive flood tunnel system. All at the expense of the tax-payers, naturally. As it is, streets of Bangkok have been repeatedly hit by flash floods and festering discontentment. One wonders where the hell are those tunnels and why aren't they functioning. A costly ignorance, something that even supporters of BMA have failed to address. So much for accountability and logic.

Recently I read that the governor has introduced a new toy, some contraption called a rain-detecting radar. This machine is supposed to gauge the rain storms and allow "experts" paid by BMA to intervene. More money wasted on mechanical gadgets that seems to serve no purpose. By the way, what happened to the flood tunnels?

I am in a foul mood. The impact of floods in the city has made life challenging for the urban poor, those living in the slums and those who are homeless. They are vulnerable because city officials are only interested in themselves. There is no logic to the madness of political maneuvering at the expense of the poor.

Anyway, its with great disgust to share my tweets about the matter:

By the way, if you're offended by this rant, I'm glad.

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