Ranting: A Dip into the Mind of Contradiction

Rush Hour in Bangkok

Roof tops, forgotten and neglected

Crowded settlement, or simply "Slum"

Storm approaching

Its fascinating, this unpredictable wager, the one that I seem to be at a losing end. Life moves, at times with no clarity, no meaning, within that blasted void that some of us call memory or senses. This time around, I learn much from people in this city, not just the usual dramas and predictable consequences.

A flaw of design, perhaps, or simply the characteristic that makes them who they are. Complex moral excellence that seems to contradict one another, where some Thais are fond of exploring and exploiting the hypocrisy of their lives - with a generous sprinkle of sweetened radical political views.

Many expect foreigners like me to bend to their almost-impossible cosmic belief of life, often amusing. They look upon life in its simplistic value, a daily and grueling slowness that leaves a mark on their capacity to react or embrace. They are not eager to look beyond the borders of their creativity, or maybe the lack of it. Perhaps.

People here have bizarre perceptions of life.

Thailand's economical development is rapid only for the educated and those living in vast networks of life, such as in Bangkok. One cannot expect the Thais to understand the evolution of life beyond their country, nor would many feel it is relevant. Indeed the Thais feel that their lives, contained or cocooned in their city, is too large to manage.

Traditions change, only to suit those living in false pretense, those with the money or those who are delusional to their own beliefs. That cloying words of self-confidence and the need for conformity to cultural-norms have no effect on me. I see people for what they are. Here in Bangkok, money is the essence of societal change. The fatter your wallet, the more one shows respect... regardless what ancient traditional virtues say, or command.

The psyche of the Thais are best left untouched, for now. Their contradictions, offensive to each other, are always hidden in bright eyes and those spiritual smiles.

Thai Buddhist Temple

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