The Journey

Eusof Bin A. Rahman, May god bless his soul.

    Satisfaction and sheer pleasure of driving, it is not measured by how fast a car will go nor how much it would cost. Yet, through how much we understand the car and how close our relationship with it becomes.

   Through every delicate movement made by our hands on the steering wheel, the car will point it's wheels at any direction we demand it.

   Be it a short drive around town, or an memorable experience through the old winding country road. Determined, by the journey and the destination that one desires.

   Whether it is a simple one, or the most beautiful trip we have ever made. Driving a car resembles our journey in this world. Take good care of our body, for it is a vehicle we use to carry our soul around infinite possibilities we may go through in life.

  Make it worthwhile in this beautiful journey we are in, for wherever we believe life may lead us to..

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