A Morning of Annoyance. A Day of Teaching Someone About Manners

A morning without caffeine, a morning of unexpected personality clashes. 

The thing about the nerve-bending psyche of the middle class (or bourgeoise) in Bangkok, which is constantly accompanied with a never-ending drool, is their arrogance of pushing the weak and bullying the poor. On a good day, the elites ignore the marginalized all together. On a bad day, the working class receives the worse end of a shit-infested ego. 

Regardless, Thais and foreigners alike though not all, mind you. They're glued together in their need to climb the class pyramid; from comfortable life to the ultra rich. 

Someone slammed my door shut, quite an annoyance from a pitiful demented thing. My tolerance was low for the day, so I accepted no infantile behavior, particularly from self-proclaimed professionals. I walked to her office and asked her in front of all her bewildered and confused staff whether it was the Thai Way (sometimes known as "Thai Style") of communicating: slamming doors, giving people grim don't-anal-me-now looks and all. She didn't answer that question, among many, regretfully, as I was immensely curious. 

As somewhat expected, there was not much of an argument. I have seen such docile mentality among Malaysians; make loads of pathetic noise and then keeping silent when confronted, often with their pants/skirts down. Such is the mentality of some Thai middle class, with their sensibility and stuck-up behaviors. And these are the very people who condemn the poor as uncivilized and rude.  

Do I care what she thinks of me? Nope.  

Am I having fun? Aye, naturally so. 

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