Aceh and Her Talibanized Vision of Oppression

Aceh, the beginning of the end.

A perverted congregation of Aceh tyrants, consisting of a narrow-minded Governor, the dogmatic authorities and the Talibanised pressure groups are pushing themselves on the brink of social suicide.

The forced closure of 9 Churches and 6 Buddhists temples over the past week indicates troubling times where radicalism has replaced the pillars of compassion, acceptance and mercy.

Its not the first time Aceh has made the news. There have been violence against marginalized people, drug users, punks and suppression of those who think beyond the suffocating confinements of Shariah law.

The Institution expects obedience, and unwilling to tolerate differences in opinions, practices and beliefs. Non-Muslims and Muslims live in constant fear of the grand designs of self-proclaimed Islamists. And Christians are supposed to respect Shariah laws? If these are "laws" then it is only expected that people rebel against injustice and oppression.

An old friend living in Aceh is unhappy. We worked together for a relief project during the Aceh uprising once upon a time ago. He said "The illegality of these people... representing Islam, who made them God!"

I agree with him. The Institution subjugates the masses in oppressive rule, where dogma is placed above life and individual freedom. We spoke briefly there was not much to explain, my eyes had watered, tear drops flowed as I sink further in the memories of the people.

Decades ago, Aceh fought an oppressive Indonesian presence in their land, however now they are fighting their own.

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