Landless: Faces of the Ostracized

Whatever it takes or how long would it be

The protest of a thousand people in front of the government building by The People's Movement for a Just Society..Their intention was not to create ruckus and gore violence. Yet, to voice out their emotions they have kept for so long and change their destiny which are uncertain. A message to the Prime Minister of Thailand and society at large.

The smile of a peasant

Riot police on standby

The first thing that captures my attention is the sea of humans camping by the roadside from all groups of age and different religion all united as one. These poor people, most from the rural areas adapt easily to the blistering hot sun. United for the sake of freedom of rights.

While I was busy taking pictures and observing the surroundings drenched in my own sweat, tents are raised and food was cooked by the road to fulfill the needs of the hungry souls. With the roadside stalls along the street and abundance of choices, food wasn't the main concern of these people here at the protest, they are here to stand for a point which they believe.


My emotions were stirred, adrenaline pumping through my veins and my thoughts going on a rage. A mental rampage I was in..

Though my stomach is hungry, my mind is more busy processing the situation faced by these poor and needy people. I am not here to savor on the delicious delicacies or on a shopping frenzy of the goods sold. I am here to witness an evolution of revolution, learning from people who are marginalized and abandoned by society, demanding their rights as a fellow human being.

The swarm of people from all across Thailand, mainly from the poor, all come and camp in front of the building voicing their despairs, relentless heartache and resilience towards the harsh society.

Oppressed and hesitate to progress not because of they chose to be this way. This is the reality of Modernization. A proof that cultural evolution and technological advancement has it's side effects.

Chants of despairs blasted through the speakers on the lorry that have been turned to a stage, such agony and sadness from their voices. Though, at times I am derived by the thoughts of sadness from their warm smiles that they portray.

In my opinion, these people don't just represents the poor from their own country. Yet, those who are ostracized throughout the world. Be it a developed first world nation or those from the war torn countries. The poor speaks from the heart, and their hearts doesn't come from the city nor the villages. They are everywhere, living among us. This is a sad situation.

Depressing and stressful, somehow my heart and soul are crippled by their acts of emotions in a freakishly bizarre way.. I bear them, as an amulet of guilt.

I am blissfully at home writing this article on my laptop, tranquillized by the ambiance of music playing in the background, in an air conditioned room, sipping on an ice cold drinks from the refrigerator while smoking my Marlboro soft pack. I am thankful I have a very comfortable place to rest my soul in.

While these people are fighting on their rights, determining their fate of living life harmoniously and creatively comfortable in a way, or just to make their voices to be heard and their existence known to mankind.

Whenever the thoughts of the unknown people who seeks redemption comes to play in my mind. It places me in a very sadistic situation, my tears of cry alone would not change anything..

These people, they are in solidarity to change their Destiny in Life. Demanding to be heard in a Revolution, hungry for Change..



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