Feeding the Poor in Bangkok with False Expectations

Poverty in Bangkok cannot be eradicated. I'm merely being realistic about it. Anti-poverty programs for an urban setting has not worked in the past, and despite the presence of many Thai experts in the metropolis, society feeds upon the essence of the poor.

I guess opposites are needed.

You can find Thai journalists, poverty experts, City Hall (BMA) officials and concerned individuals expressing the need to eradicate poverty. You'll also find many foreigners living in Bangkok mimicking the motions. Everyone feels a need to be seen by their peers and superiors as being poor-friendly.

Everyone in this labyrinth seems to have an opinion about anti-poverty measures. Its all talk, mind you. Talk, talk and bloody fucking more talk.

Ill-fated projects to eradicate urban poverty has yielded short-term outcomes. Society flinch at the conscience-pricking attempt but after a few months of initiation, everyone goes back to what it was before. A recycle of attempts, merely to cater to the deep pockets of cash-kissing consultants and the fame-hungry academicians.

Thai society is a diverse group, a melting pot of locals, masses from the other provinces and foreigners. At times, it seems as a ghastly cauldron of brewing resentment, spiced with political pepper and generously dosed with hypocrisy.

Bureaucracy in Bangkok is another nightmare. BMA is bloated with a workforce, bogged down by an infrastructure that does nothing to solve the needs of the poor and the working class. Traffic is horrendous, and one can easily be caught for hours on a congested highway in the city.

At this point, BMA officials are merely concerned about the upcoming elections to replace a "provincial" head; we'll continue to see more drama and propaganda in the next few months.

But then again, the urban poor cannot consume drama nor can they quench their thirst on propaganda.

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