Heroes, Leaders and Rogues

... Once a upon time...

In the heart of the disheartened masses, some rebellious acts against what was thought to be an unbreakable culture.

According to popular belief, a man who covers himself in the cloak of hardship will hear a secret message, one that destiny has left for the marginalised: a call to class war.

For this unnamed individual, fighting against injustice has been his lifelong responsibility. Assembling a band of poor men and women who had nothing to lose, he built a network on the hills and in the cities.

He helped the poor, he stimulated an attitude of actionism, where acts of change was admired and accepted. Gone were the days of cheap talk and long academic speeches of recycled heroism.

Almost at once he became a popular leader of great stature, attracting thousands of people. The poor were tired of waiting, they seek action.

This leader was the embodiment of two raw emotions, rage and frustration, that the people could not articulate. He never had the slightest intention of installing himself as a permanent attraction, even at the height of his influence.

One day, he disappeared. The outcry of confusion and rippling anger greeted his followers. Within weeks, they parted ways, unhappy; many claiming to be disillusioned by their former leader.

Yet among the disappearing masses, one woman held her ground despite the provoking laughters and taunts. She makes her way beyond the hills, in search of the small communities that require her strength and perseverance.

And as such, the sharpening evolution of revolution, a cycle one cannot avoid... if one is sincere.

Photo by @Sylsiphe

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