Metamorphosis of a Petrified Realm

All human rights belong to each and everyone of us. Without exception. 

But does it unite us as a global family? No it does not. The gap is widening, intolerance flows in the face of a growing uncaring subjugated society. The noose taunts, almost choking the bruised windpipe. We can barely breath; the intensity, the agony as our lungs explode. 

The restriction of enjoying human rights is at the petrified cornerstone of dogma. Norms tend to dictate the direction of our minds. Our bodies appear to be owned by the self-righteous, cold Institution. We seek the freedom and yet we face the obstacles. 

The Institution hurls conformity, in tyrannical pleasure. If one does not conform then one is ostracized from the masses, to be damned into a barbaric realm of isolation. If one does bow to the Institution, your mind is left to the whimsical delights of enslavement. Such torment leaves many twisted in misery, forced to embrace true wretchedness, ultimately unrecognizable.  

Laws are not the pinnacle of human happiness and compassion. Laws are merely architectural dogma that are often used against freedom, always to bend the minds of individuals toward conformity. Such is institutionalized slavery.  

Death squads, murders, wars, drones and the grand capitalist design for an economic domination is the unnerving ultimatum. Our children will grow into the brightly lit world, only to be blinded by the festering contempt, that facinorous desire for destruction. There is no conscience in this future world they, we, try to shape. 

Tall thin spire, ivory in color, towering towards the sky, in its effort to immortalize the achievements of the Institution, seeking to be part of divinity. Yet the individuals, millions of us, we are ignored, many of us, the common people, enduring this terrible oppression. 

Not any more. The whirling motion, the movement has begun.

Evolution of Revolution

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