South Thailand: When Living a Life on Friday Means Misery

Militants, claiming to be Muslims, have declared war on the people in the southern provinces of Thailand - Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala.

These lords of terror have determined through their obscene interpretation of a religion, which they know nothing of, that businesses and life's flow must stop in respect for a "holy" day called Friday. They expect the people to obey.

Leaflets were distributed, and threats that promised severe repercussion if the general public did not comply with their demands. This act of oppression is merely to subjugate the masses into a climate of loss and slavery.

Despite the explanations of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center that "...working on Fridays did not go against Islamic teachings and that Allah wanted Muslims to work so they did not become a burden on other" many civilians live in fear of the violence.

Militancy feeds upon the fear; terror is nectar. 

Militants and their supporters say they are fighting for the good of their people. What mockery, what lies, what hideous perception of justice. Their "liberation" have cost the lives of more than 5,000 people. Is this Islam? To wickedly slay men, women and child? In who's name? Allah? No, they kill and torture in the name of their selfish, delusional mortal agenda.

I have seen a glimpse of the terror that Muslims and Buddhists go through in Narathiwat during my visit to meet members of their community. The impact of the violence have left marks, the dead litter the rubber plantations, the villages and the roads.

The militants are not in a state of revolt. They merely want to turn the three provinces into a killing field, where blood runs freely.

For what? For the sheer twisted pleasure of wrecking mayhem on to the people.

After all, butchery carries no logic, no acceptance, no sanity.

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