Trait of Condescending to those of Lower Social Status

An outreach activity is never effortless and undemanding; quite a physically-draining job. Its all about traveling beyond the boring white walls of an air-con office; into the maddening urban labyrinth of Bangkok. Outreach workers seek more than just a swift visit to underdeveloped settlements, its about building rapport over a period of time with 'ordinary' people.

I had some time to speak to some folks in Klong Toey market.

This city is not boring, mark my words. I found some cities within the region to be stale, impaired in spirit, such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, particularly the island city-state. Where's the fun and excitement in wandering into a fucking city obsessed with perfection, where the residents are eager for a structured lifestyle. Boring. Pretentious.

I developed some understanding of the sensitivities of Thais and foreigners living and working in Bangkok. Some are occupied with brewing drama, while others excitedly engage in the substandard criticism or fawning of those who step on their heads. Similar to a dog wagging its tail, or whining. Yes, even the foreigners do that, equipped with the snobbism and pomposity of the local hi-so community.

The weather today has been somewhat humid and hot, I'd left the office, walked the dusty streets, hopped on a motorcycle-taxi and visited some back lanes - the usual places. The morning was healthy though, had a bit of candid expression about personal space with a woman who sadistically believes in bossing her staff around. Not that I have not heard, her husband seems to be an influential journalist of some sort - Who gives a fuck, Madam. This was mentioned to me by a rugged looking female staff with short brownish hair.

Nodded my head and kept my eye wide, as I listened to her bitching about her boss. As if that was a good reason for Thais to be spiteful to one another.

Nevertheless I do suspect it has to relate to the prevalent class structure of the urbanites. Its acceptable for people to show a submissive outlook at people who appear to be older than you. Not to mention if one had loads of Thai baht and gold chain hidden under the bed. As I told one person this afternoon that if one was to demand respect, one would usually be left with a blade in between the ribs or a bat to the head - I've seen that happening in many parts of the world.

So whats the point of making enemies by bullying the poor or the marginalized? Such bullies are rampant in the corporate rat race in Malaysia, such similarities I find completely disgusting, like a wicked stench. Malaysian politics tend to bend in the same direction as many Thai politicians. Such resemblance of characteristics is also fascinating, in an odd way.

Anyway, some of the people I spoke to in Klong Toey agreed with my perception of the sickening behaviors, though mind you, I'm also not a bloody saint. I do have, what many have said behind my back, an unpleasant personality.

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