A Lordly Thai Politician Grappling with Vulnerability

Democrat Party head, Abhisit Vejjajiva, is in the news nowadays for the wrong reasons, though I'm skeptical whether there has been any positive news about the man - with the exception of him stepping down as prime minister of Thailand.

Abhisit, a suave English-proficient man, possess the charisma of the educated and sophisticated. He does give an outstanding effort in biting his opponents with his intellectual might. Often his capacity to communicate in English has enabled him to remove himself from a tight-spots. Listeners tend to move on when confronted with a polished Thai man, articulate in Western demeanor and cavalier-bred.

Though as time passes by, his reputation has been attacked on all fronts, even with the whispering unhappiness of some Democrat members. I don't see myself as an expert in Thailand's political arena, though what has been mentioned to me by Thais living in Bangkok and Narathiwat has changed my perception and understanding of this one particular politician who incidentally seems quite a favorite among the social elites.

He has the remarkable ability to ward off the dominant Pheu Thai Party, the attempts at bringing him to the International Criminal Court for the slaughter of protesters in 2010, and this indifference to the laws. He is at this point, quite untouchable. His recent encounter with the Defence Minister in removing his military rank for draft-dodging is merely a cat-and-mouse game, in all possibilities he may just win.

Abhisit wants justice. He wants justice his way, the Abhisit-Style, and everything else is unnecessary.

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