Bangkok - Losing Our Sanity in the Corridors of Bumbledom

A gloomy day, with that suffocating smog in the air. Days go by, the stench of the busy traffic and the hive that is called Bangkok. Counting the moments of rest, barely 7 times in the past month. Doing my best to recover, consuming the meds with a relish, eager to rid of the heightened skin sensitivity, fever and now this nasty ear infection.

I'm keen to observe the Pitak Siam protest on November 24, in Bangkok; I am imagining the spectacle: outrageous fun and the usual playacting from of their supporters and speech-masters.

Despite the concerns of the police and some politicians, I believe the Thai government has made the right decision to allow Pitak Siam's "Freeze Thailand" rally. This is a sure sign of enabling the environment towards more freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

As it is, the Thais have more than a bowlful of issues and should look into them, rather than worry about Pitak Siam's right-wing propaganda of banning all politicians from the face of Thailand and imitating Myanmar's junta rule. Yet typical of Bangkok-fashion, the elites play a game of pawns and bishops entertaining the average Thai, while cheap local alcohol is drunk, sweet sausages are devoured and carelessly pushing aside cigarette butts.

More jobs are needed in Bangkok for the working class, however livelihood concerns, and the education systems seems less attractive to the middle class as many send their children to private schools. Public health campaigns and homelessness need societal participation, while farmers living at the outskirts of the city are in desperate need of equipment and land for cultivation.

Bangkok's administration is unique, operating almost independently from the federal government. The city-province is both arrogant and self-reliant, and at times, begs the government for assistance. BMA is bloated with funds, their coffers are used only based on whims. Urban planning is still in tatters, and I say to both locals and foreigners, "What planning?" People often complain about having too much to deal with nagging politicians, but in truth many are too distracted with the bitching and finger-pointing.

The bureaucracy constantly regurgitate poor public administration projects and despite it all, people are focus, clapping their hands in twisted fetish delight, on political buffoonery and the endless cycle of bumbledom.

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