Democracy - A Personal Idiosyncrasy?

Dr. Panithan Wattanayakorn, a former spokesman for the ex-prime minister Abhisit of Thailand. Panithan was also a member of the Committee for the Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) that was responsible in the operations of the Bangkok Crackdown in 2010.

I was watching the Thai news, taking a break from the hectic journey around the city when it hit me. The local media and Thai "journalists" were glued to the USA presidential election - as it there's not much drama to Thai politics as it is. During this TV segment, a group of Thais were discussing about democracy, philosophical system and their views of the US elections.

I have no problem with any one mouthing whatever they want, as I wasn't really interested in the Billion-Dollar US election which had an air of a popularity contest for capitalism of democracy, self-importance "God Bless America" and the corporate-stroking American elitists. The craze of the US election seems infectious, thanks to the marketing of the personalities, driving more than a handful in Malaysia and Thais into a I-Love-Obama Tupperware fervor. I don't get it, US (similar to other countries) sells weaponry to governments, and these bullets and explosives are used against the West Papuans, and even the dead Red Shirts during the crackdown. And yet people cheer on for these champions of capitalism?

Nevertheless I saw this bloke on TV and I was wondering how sadistically ironic, these so-called political experts were casually talking about an unfamiliar ideology and system of government called "Democracy" (incidentally many Thai activists are fond of calling it DemoCrazy) and projecting the right amount of corporate suit-loving image -- everyone was eager to boast, I wager. What do they really know about democracy?

We see this on a daily basis, this sickly contradiction of statements and (in)actions, not just among politicians but also with the academic sector when it comes to achieving justice, much less showing respect for life. The world, swallowed by mass murders, death squads, right-wing elitists and a society that tends to look the other way when faced with the choice of losing their social status within a judgmental social pyramid.

Hideous hypocrisy seems to be in the fashion. And extremely popular.

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