Is Thailand in Trouble? by @Chayika

When General Boonlert announced "if I had the power, I would stage a coup to overthrow the current government?", a twitter follower tweeted to ask me questions regarding the rally Gen Boonlert organized. 

He asked if "Protecting Siam" « merely a group seeking the abandonment of #humanrights and sanity. Despite indicators of maturing democracy in world, #rightwing fascists spewing filth of lies & spite; sustaining culture of fear. He was quite worried that Thai #rightwing fascists want a return of a coup, into a devolution of democracy & demise of electoral process!

The answers to Mr. Zashnain's questions were reflected in the poll surveyed by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University in Thailand, slightly before the rally took place.


Q1: What are Thai people's opinions on Gen Boonlert's rally this past 28 October 2012?

31.17% believe that attending to the rally is part of the people's basic civil right.
27.44% fear that the rally might have caused chaos.
22.60% fear Thailand's outlook would become negative due to political instability.
18.79% are still uncertain of the political agenda behind this rally.

Q2: What do Thai people think/ feel about Gen. Boonlert's reasons for this particular political rally?

44.39% think Gen Boonlert's causes are not rational.
33.21% are still unsure of the actual reasons behind the rally
22.40% think Gen Boonlert's causes are rational

One of the results revealed that the coup of 2007 has had enormous effects on not only the country's economy, but also some Thai people's mindset. When 22.40% of people think Gen. Boonlert's reasons to protest are rational, does it mean that some people think the thoughts/decisions of some in the minority are more meaningful than those of the majority?

After the rally, General Boonlert said to the press that he was pleased with the success of the rally, and will continue to ask for 1,000,000 people to sign the petition to disapprove of Yingluck's Government. When some people think that 1,000,000 votes disapproving of Yingluck's government has legitimacy above the electoral vote of 16,000,000 people who voted for the Government, then Thailand really is in trouble.

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