Live, Love, Lie..

Sweet dreams my love, sleep and you shall swim in the ocean of fantasy..

Drown yourself in the beauty of emotions, a tingling sensation felt in the heart..

Grateful feeling radiates deep within the void, grasping her heart with such tenderness. Illuminates a glow of love from the throne of the soul..

Acknowledging life's perfection in a harsh contemplation of dying emotions, as love gradually fades away in between lies and the alleys of concrete grey greed..

Fabricating emotions and reasons, confusing the purity of love to the flawless deception of lust and desire, treason through the eyes of corporeality.. 
Such interpretation of reality, from institution worshippers to those who believed have foreseen above and beyond the unexplored depths of the predestined divinity..

Seeking a taint of immortality, home for the worldly wanderers to be pleased with nothing but emptiness. Dark mysteries as intriguing such the milky way portrays..
Appreciating beauty of life in our very own reality. Interpretation of love, the sweet ecstasy of life's offerings..

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