Melting Pot of Propaganda and Bullshit

Push aside the political propaganda, shall we? Those lengthy idiotic talks and mindless debates about community participation and how well the Institution has been working for the people. Blah, blah, blah.

Yes, I know, in most contexts it's unavoidable for spin-masters and "experts" in the refined language of public relations to plant the seed of their filth.

The end result: the obvious neglect of upholding justice, the two-faced hypocrisy of sweet-talk, the never-ending compromise for the sake of civilized behavior. Such abandonment is seen as a betrayal to basic fundamental of human rights, especially to those who are oppressed.

Yet we still see right-wing politicians, professors of law, journalists-for-hire, so-called community experts and even rogue activists mouthing loads of bullshit and textbook theories.

There has been a wild swing of the pendulum, usually when a trendy topic or a fashionable cause attracts the consciously-deprived crowd. Rampant neglect of priorities and embracing hypocrisy has left many disillusioned. Some of us grow weary at the way people insist on settling the problem at the negotiating table, despite knowing it will lead to nowhere.

Propaganda within the context of raising awareness of human rights violation does not stem from the root of facts, and at times, merely the delusions of spin-doctors who care only for their limelight.

People speak their mind about anti-poverty, for example, without understanding the concerns of the poor. Or the need to rid the world of politicians (ie. Protect Siam group) and fail to realize that they themselves are no better than politicians. And what about politicians and NGOs who were involved in introducing anti-democratic principles? There are many of those in Thailand and Malaysia.

Alas, the senile growth of a cancerous redundancy.

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