Siam Pitak (สยามพิทักษ์)


The sudden appearance of a political activist group called “Siam Pitak” (Protect Siam) has raised some eyebrows. Barely a month ago, no one in Thailand had ever heard about the group.  Now almost everyone knows it.  Last Sunday (October 28), led by retired General Boonlert Kaewprasit, Siam Pitak organized an anti-government protest that drew some 2,000 people. The number was beyond the expectations of many.

The sudden rise of the group raises many questions.  If one looks into the details of the interview given by General Boonlert to the press in recent days, one could easily “dissect” and “unravel” its truth motives.
First, General Boonlert proclaimed that the present Yingluck Administration formed chiefly by the Pheu Thai Party is corrupt, and that he does not believed by working through the democratic process (i.e., through the main opposition party – the Democrat Party – in impeaching the ruling party using the parliamentary process, or through a new election to unseat the ruling coalition government) to address “grievances”;
Second, General Boonlert specifically mentioned he wants to see a military coup to “topple” the present regime;
Third, General Boonlert outlined three major reasons why “Siam Pitak” should “orchestrate” and “ignite” a nation-wide rally to get rid of the Yingluck government.  First, because this government allowed “anti-monarchy” to exist in its administration; Second, that ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra “controls” the government from behind; Third, the Yingluck government condones massive corruptions.
I must confess I smell something very “sick” and “rotten” about the “Siam Pitak” movement.  If you were to recall the PAD movement that started in early 2006, it was funded chiefly by a group of disgruntled businessmen who is “envious” and “dissatisfied” with the landslide victory of the Thai Rak Thai government in the 2005 election.  Working with their “greater” and “behind the scene” masterminds, PAD’s numerous rallies finally set the stage for the September 2006 military coup.

In my view, every democratic loving Thai citizen must now stand and be on-guard against the “Siam Pitak” movement because of its “declared” ill-intentions and its anti-democracy credentials.  Using the experiences of the 2006 PAD movement, there are three main points why every democratic loving Thai citizens must work together to expose and contain the “Siam Pitak” movement:

First, “Siam Pitak” is against democracy and every democratic Thai citizen must rise against it.  At the very onset, similar to PAD, Siam Pitak has a gross dis-regard and disrespect for the democratic Principles that have been put in place by our forefathers since 1932.  Siam Pitak has “openly” declared that the democratic system cannot be trusted, and that all the “checks and balances” created by the Military installed government of 2006 and its subsequent constitution is of no value.  Instead, Siam Pitak just fool-heartedly calls for military coup as though a military regime is the answer to all problems.

In my view, every democratic Thai citizens and every institutions in Thailand who respect the democratic principles, the monarchy, and the constitution must “treat” the Siam Pitak movement as their number one common enemy as the values enshrines by the Siam Pitak tantamount to “treasons”;

Second, we must “unravel” who are the money bags and masterminds behind “Siam Pitak”.  We all learnt from the 2006 saga that beyond the small group of disgruntled businessmen that are funding the PAD, there are “much greater” masterminds behind the PAD movement.  The military and the intended military coup was only the means of those “ultimate” masterminds who want to grab power through “extra-democratic” means knowing full well that they or their proxies cannot win in freely contested elections.

Third, “Siam Pitak”’s dark plots and its machinery must be exposed at the earliest stage.  One painful lesson Thai democracy has learnt is that the PAD’s masterminds and their motives were not exposed during the volatile months in 2006.  In consequence, Thailand paid the heavy price for the September 2006 military coup, as well as the subsequent episodes that “compromised” Thai democracy.  In my view, “Siam Pitak”’s dark plots and its machinery must be “exposed” under the bright sunlight so that their undemocratic principles must face up to the scrutiny of the laws and their fellow citizens.

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