Undisguised View of Thainess by @thai_ness

THAINESS : An Epidemic

In simple terms, Thainess is the way many Thai people think and act. More to the point is why do they (majority) think and act the way they do.

Sadly, Thais are born into a country that is rife with corruption brought about by a thirst for power and a need for greed. Corruption takes many forms and is an accepted way of life in Thailand .

Corruption is rife and varies from the Government level, the rich elite, all the way down to the oppressed and uneducated poor.

Thailand is predominately a Buddhist country, where the majority are "seen" to be devout by attending the Wat for various Buddhist calendar events. I'm sorry to spoil the illusions of many but the reason many go to the Wat to make merit is for their own selfish reasons. Buddhism is about SELFLESSNESS not SELFISHNESS .

Thainess is not about the beautiful Temples, resorts by the beach, the "Thai smile", the Thai wai, its beautiful art, dance and music..... Its about how a Thai can gain a personal advantage or money by "befriending" you .

As long as you are of use (whether you are Thai or Farang) you will be seen as a friend but BEWARE, when your "use by date" is up... You will be chewed up and spat out... You will be no more than a mere dog.

Thainess is about selfishness , so choose your Thai friends carefully. The good ones are hard to find.

My thoughts and opinions are based on 20 years of living with Thais both in Thailand and overseas .

Is there any hope of saving this beautiful country from this epidemic ... Well , that's for another day/post.

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