Abhisit's BBC Interview: Unfortunately Some People Died

In 2010, the PM of Thailand then, Abhisit, authorized the use of live ammunition against the Red Shirt demonstration in Bangkok. The crackdown of the Red Shirts was brutal, in many parts the authorities cornered and blocked protesters, preventing some groups from dispersing.

Its ridiculous that he mentioned the "black shirts" as many were seen among the military of the presence of armed men in black. To just associate black shirts with the Red Shirt protesters is mind-bogging, and truly a Thai-favorite of finger-pointing in typical polished outrageous manner.

For demonstrators to "occupy" parts of Bangkok, their "unfortunate" deaths were at the hands of soldiers. Abhisit, doesn't seem to be overly regretful for the shooting and killing, which caused over 90 deaths and close to 2,000 injured in Thailand's capital.

"A lot of people know full well of what happened..." said Abhisit, during the interview. Indeed, yes, I believe Thais and foreigners (who were in Bangkok at that time) know full well what happened, and that the use of violence against civilians is a violation of human rights.

To justify the acts of violence against civilians is a mockery of human rights and civilized behavior, especially for one as refined and knowledgeable as Abhisit. Such contradictory, what an incredible hypocrisy. 

By the way, he failed to mention that the many including the Red Shirts were unhappy that the elected prime minister Thaksin was removed through a military coup in 2006 and for Abhisit to condemn the Red Shirts, he is strangely quiet about the day democracy was removed. 

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