Malaysia Sinking in a Flood of Apathy

Villagers of Kampung Langkap crossing the flood water while heading to the evacuation centre at SK Alur Lek Kg Kasar in Setiu. Floods triggered by torrential monsoon rains in Malaysia forced almost 14,000 people to flee their homes and seek shelter at relief centres, the official Bernama news agency said on Wednesday. -- PHOTO: THE STAR PUBLICATION

Floods, a yearly affair for Malaysians.

Hundreds of years ago people in the Peninsula were affected by floods, and nowadays with development and mordernization, Malaysians repeatedly sink themselves in complacency. Perhaps the majority prefer to have their homes submerged, or washed away by a raging flash flood, or that frequent landslide. Lives lost, every year, maybe because of the low numbers, society chooses to forget and move ahead with their lives, blindly.

The Malaysian government keeps on mouthing promises of flood prevention projects, costing millions of tax-payers money, for delusions and tokenism. Courtesy of Malaysian pride, we speak more about sending a man to space, buying submarines to satisfy the need for more weaponry, recruit the best architects to build the Twin Towers, corporations lecturing on environmental-friendly housing developments, NGOs lecturing others about human rights... and yet we do nothing to reduce the floods, nor ensure the people, locals and foreigners, are protected with their basic needs and rights.

What a load of bullshit. Yes, courtesy of Malaysian apathy.

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