Malaysian Threats, Harassment and Barbarism

Hooligans, thugs and demented men. All the by-product of the Barisan Nasional tag-team, lead by UMNO, a race-based political party. No, I'm not talking about Thailand and the heavy dose of demonstrations in Bangkok. This video was shot in Malaysia.

Barbarism, fueled by desperation and the need to bully others into submission, some Malaysians are reduced to their primitive state of mind. The absence of compassion, wisdom, patience and all the so-called societal values have revealed the redundancy of mind.

Sad to say, this is a society which threatens itself, forcing the weak and vulnerable to conform to a culture of harassment and ... potential violence if one does not support the BN government.

And I am supposed to feel grateful to a society that lives on the brink of madness? Fuck you.

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