The Prejudice We Nurture Against Vulnerable Children

Children begging in Bangkok is a common sight, scattered about, especially within the sights of tourists and eager-faced shoppers. The origins of some children could be traced from the other provinces, neighboring countries and even caught in the cocoon of statelessness.

Children are protected by UNICEF's Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the commitment of governments and NGOs, though its usually far removed from reality. Children are made vulnerable in Bangkok courtesy of the apathy and complacency of adults, to a large extent the rich kids, and what seems to be an ineffective local administration of welfare and lack child empowerment (participation). Bangkok is a city managed by city hall, an entity which offers much to those with the status and money, though I don't see how competent they are in improving the quality of life of a vulnerable, street-based child. 

There's a UNICEF regional office in Bangkok. Many NGOs, run by foreigners and locals, are based in the heart of this metropolis where consultants earning incredibly high wages run amok and lecturing others about child rights

And still I, we, see the children beg, living in suffocating slums and on the streets. They are made vulnerable because we seek to point fingers at everyone except ourselves, for this shame of indifference and prejudice that we harbor. 

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