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Living in harmony and peace at the expense of individuality

I have no problems highlighting and commenting about the bizarre and twisted behaviors of Malaysians. After all, I am a Malaysian, and I believe in my right to speak, to share, to debate and to listen. Malaysia is a beautiful country, with abundant of rain forests, natural resources, fabulous islands, fantastic food, however what spoils everything is our society.

Society expects and demands conformity. A group of people who believes in enshrining their expectations and way of life, at the expense of the marginalized and the neglected. Yes, you say that this is similar to other nations, but its no excuse for Malaysians to enforce a culture of self-righteousness, stigma and prejudice onto the rest. Society is organic, it seeks to assess everyone for imperfections and character defects that goes violently against society's norm-expectations.
When individuals or the minority resist the madness, they are branded all sorts of names: Traitor, Deviant, Heretic; and many have been pressure…

Discouraging News From The Region ~ World Gone Amok

Reading the newspaper was utterly disappointing yesterday. The spiral of madness affecting the region and Malaysia ~ bitterly discouraging, I was partly tempted to burn the newspaper though that would not solve anything, in fact it would merely fuel my anger against the Institutions and the apathy of society. The madness of the issues affecting mankind is digested on a daily basis, I tweet regularly about them ~ many times trying to stimulate the minds of my followers to make informed decisions and leap to the defense of the weak, the neglected and the vulnerable. 

Anyway, if you have not read my latest articles, feel free to read (click on) the following:-

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Moui doing her bit for poor women living with cancer

In February, my friend, Moui, made a decision to do her bit for a cause she believed in --> women living with cancer - already based on statistics in Thailand, the number of women diagnosed with cancer has increased for the past few years. She decided to donate her hair to poor women who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. The hair would be used to make wigs which would then be donated to a hospital in another province. I felt humbled by such a simple act of compassion, and I support her decision. We all, like Moui, can be part of a cause for the community.
By the way, she looks fabulous with short hair :)

What Am I and What Are You?

I am not what you want me to be. I am not the fire of activism, nor revolution. I am not the sweeping force that crushes your enemy. I am not your inevitable destiny, and I am not your hero. I am not part of your aggression, nor am I a part of peace. I am not the ideology that drives your world, I am not part of your establishment.
I am not you.
You are all that I am not - In that, I celebrate and embrace our diversity.

Our Right, Our World, Our Lifeblood

I seek to live a life free from stigma, prejudice and discrimination. I know it is possible, for us to live with compassion, mercy and respect. Unfortunately there are people who seek to further spread their apartheid message of hate, submission and ignorance. They seek to keep people in the dark, robbing them the right to speak, share, and act, and to live. 
They conspire in the corruption of the mind, with a single focused goal to maintain their pride, their perverted positions, and to continue with the campaign of greed. They stimulate the spirit, allowing no room for free expression and thought. Armed with their morality, their faith in their own culture of rot and materialism, they consume the essence of humanity, leaving only a petrified husk of ghastly terror.
Welcome to our world, yours and mine.

709 ~ This is Our Land


Rwanda: a clinic provides care to young people living with HIV

In Rwanda, a clinic provides comprehensive care to young people living with HIV© UNICEF Rwanda/2011/SundaramA health worker counsels an adolescent at a clinic in Kigali, Rwanda. UNICEF supports the clinic, called TracPlus, which offers a model of services for adolescents living with HIV.By Anjan Sundaram KIGALI, Rwanda, 19 March 2012 – Ange*, 15, still feels sad when she remembers that she has HIV. But when she meets with her peer support group at the TracPlus clinic in Kigali, she is able to look forward to her future. She dreams of one day becoming a minister, or even the president, of her country. “I used to feel lonely with my infection, but because of this programme at TracPlus, I spend time with others who are just like me, and who are happy,” she said. “I know I will be as happy as some of them one day.” Over 22,000 children and young people in Rwanda are living with HIV. Some 1.6 per cent of Rwandan young people aged 15 to 24 are HIV-positive. Yet access to adolescent-friendl…

Kekayaan Ku

Berikanlah ku kekuatan
Untuk memelihara tubuh badanku
Agar aku boleh menjadi manusia
Yang bisa membanting tulang
Yang bisa merentas hujan dan panas
Yang bisa membawa pulang rezeki

Kedua Berikanlah ku kekuatan
Untuk memelihara budi pekerti ku
Agar aku boleh menjadi manusia
Yang bisa berterimakasih
Yang bisa selalu berdoa
Yang bisa selalu berkata benar

Ketiga Berikanlah aku kekuatan
Untuk memelihara mindaku
Agar aku boleh menjadi manusia
Yang bisa berfikir secara waras
Yang bisa membidak baik & buruk
Yang bisa selalu fikirkan kebaikan

Berikanlah aku kekuatan
Untuk memelihara  semangatku
Agar aku boleh menjadi manusia
Yang bisa terus memberi semangat
Yang bisa terus menjadi tunggak
Yang bisa terus melindungi

Agar keluarga ku tahu Dan mengerti
Kemiskinan ini hanya di mata

Bahawa sesungguhnya
Kami sudah punya kekayaan
Berumah bahagia
Ditepian tasik kasih sayang
Bermandi cinta dan
Berpakaian iman

Nura 20/3/12, malam dingin

Wise admonition to the head of state

The Arthashastra, generally so heartless in its advice, contains this wise admonition to the head of state:

In the happiness of his subjects lies a king's happiness,
In the welfare of his subjects, his welfare,
A king's good is not that which pleases him,
But that which pleases his subjects.
Food for thought.

Travelling through Bangkok on a Sunday

It's been almost a month, and I have yet to venture into the older districts of Bangkok. Travelling through this incredible city is always full of surprises. I've seen the congestion of the elites, the working class and the poor, all in this melting pot of contradiction.

Photos from my Bangkok retreat

Bangkok, a metropolis, a colossal organic realm with 12 million people. I've yet to completely explore the city; visiting only a small portion, but I'm inhaling and embracing the adventure... passionately.