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Wrath: Enforcers of Order vs Malaysians at BERSIH Rally

BERSIH means Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections. The group seeks from the Malaysian government what is enshrined in the fundamentals of human rights. The freedom to assemble and the freedom of association is a Malaysian right, similar to the rights of any human being in any country. Yet the deliberate infliction of pain and terror is a part of the Institution's Grand Design. To subjugate, to enslave the people.
Yesterday was an experience that brought painful memories. The intense horror of being in our city, Kuala Lumpur, with other inspiring Malaysians, and being confronted by a horde of Malaysian police. The police responded with hideous rage, on a blistering sunny day ~ as if the sunshine gave no room for peace. Bersih protested in peace, it condemns all forms of violence. Yet the police responded over-zealously, in a calculated hate and unmatched fury. Their wrath was upon us, even towards the journalists seizing their equipment and disabling their right to report. Disorde…

The brutality of the Institution and the suffering It inflicts

When the Institution sucks the marrow of the people, robbing them of the rights and inflicting misery, then it is the duty of the people to change the system.

BBC News on #Bersih 3.0 - What the govt doesn't want you to know

Feast your eyes on what has been reported and what was censored.

My thoughts about the situation of young people today

Inequalities in social, economic and political conditions.

Gender discrimination and prejudice.

Armed conflict, neglect, abuse and confrontation.

Homelessness and statelessness.

Increasing cases of hunger, disease and malnutrition.

Inadequate opportunity for education and training.

Limited resources available for funding children's programs.

Insecure livelihoods.

High youth unemployment.

Deterioration of environment, ravaging effects of climate change.

Trafficking of children.

Yes, we know, that children and young people are a major force in the modern "civilised" world. Yet the problems and challenges that children face today is also what the future generation will face. That's the summary of the situation of young people and children today. Now what are you planning to do about it?

Your Self-worth, the Law and the Beginning of the End

South East Asia has done remarkably well; the financial dependence on the people, the growth of extra-ordinary social possibilities, the almost-unlimited natural resources and... yes, the sickening culture of over-reliance to the governments, civil societies and corporations. The perverted relationship has disabled the importance of individualism, and has molded communities into serving the needs and whims of these Institutions. 
The most obvious expression of the Institution is the Law. The Law was created to nurture Life, yet society has determined that the Law is more meaningful than Life itself, and thus MUST be obeyed. We are taught, since young, to conform, to obey the laws, to show our respect to the prominent law enforcers, and to believe that the Law is Morality and Justice in itself. What a load of bullshit. 
Persistent apathy, this horrifying minding-your-own-business mentality, hinders the growth of self-reliance and of empathy. We depend on the Law (and the enforcers) to…

A trip to a traditional market in Kuala Lumpur

Staggered through the dusty street, walking with a bowed head, avoiding the blinding sunlight as best as I could. The hot day proved to be another heatwave that is scorching Kuala Lumpur, oh hell, a punishment of some sort. It took me an hour to reach the market but a worth-while endeavor, even though I was drenched in sweat, from head to toe. 
My travels taking me everywhere

Fascism attacks OCCUPY DATARAN

For a country that prides in their religion, its desire for harmony and societal values, the assault on Occupy Dataran is a contradiction to the Institution's propaganda. But then again, people are expected to conform to the delusions of society --> to live in "peace" under tyranny.

Thoughts and temptation of being on the road again

I recall a time when I was walking almost randomly, partly to sort my jumbled thoughts. I came across a group of tired-look young people. They seem unconcerned of their surroundings; the swarm of mosquitoes in the late evening did not deter their eager hands from wielding beer bottles to their lips.

I sat on the pavement, watching the night brew, and the street vendor selling hot sausages from his cart. Wasn't the ideal night for street food, but I was happy at the absence of the crushing annoyance that came from the hectic corporate rat race. I was glad that my corner of Bangkok was relaxing.

I want that corner, I seek the chance to be on the road again ~ to feel the stirring adventure, away from a complacent society and to allow these old bones to smile.

The reclamation and restoration of the Institution by young people

The irony. Young people and children are rarely involved in the decision-making that drives our world, our government, our society, our corporations. In many countries they are prohibited to be part of the solution to globalization. Ironic isn't it. They will inherit the world that globalization creates.

Globalization is a monster, it seeks the endless consumption of the weak, the rapid decent of the poor, the unfortunate and the marginalized. If you are not part of the system, or the Institution, and unable to adapt due to the evolving caste machinery, then naturally young people and children are exploited.

Youths are able to bring about the doom of the negative effects of globalization. Many adults clearly still view young people as ineffective stakeholders to policy-making processes, despite the benefits of mobilizing them, especially young people from marginalized communities. The government mechanism needs to be "rehabilitated" and a critical review of all that make…

Fact and Illusion: Essence of Activism is Divine

Someone told me that the essence of activism is divine, or beyond eternal. Such divinity that humans seek to feel is like a grand quest for many who desire to leave a meaningful mark upon the needy, the marginalized, the vulnerable, and the abused.

However this vision is merely a leap beyond activism. People are engaged in many Causes, yet how does one measure the sustainable changes and impact? Do you leave a mark of your own identity to justify what you seek?

The great illusion; we claim to work for the community however we merely chase after the need to immortalize ourselves, our persona, into the Cause.

The great fact; by abandoning the great illusion, we come to terms with ourselves through hardship and perseverance, and we embrace the reality that our immortality starts when others change their behaviours in response to our selfless acts.

An uneasy night, filled with apprehension

Tonight, I feel uneasy.
Normally I would seek the support or occasional words of comfort from a friend, but it seems even my friend is at loss for words. The silence or the awkward minute of utter bewilderment is not something that I desire at this moment, though on better days I would welcome it with a sly grin. People have their moods, and sometimes I feel that I am caught in a lopsided and warped communication (or lack of it) loop ~ my own erratic mood does not help relieve the tension. 
The nervous strain has been replaced by restlessness. My mind seems to explode with the confusion of inaction. Does not help when one is alone, unable to find a trustworthy listener or a non-judgmental friend. Almost everyone has an opinion nowadays, with the exception of my friend who is engrossed with other distractions. 
I am not keen for a lecture or when people think they know the problems like their own. The fact is people tend to lean towards the norms, and what is expected in a civilized so…

Turning Waste Plastic Bottles into Solar Bulbs

Do you know that millions of families still live in the dark? 
MyShelter Foundation aims to brighten up one million homes in the Philippines by 2012.
According to statistics from the National Electrification Commission in 2009, 3 million households still remain powerless outside Metro Manila. And even in the metro, families still continue to live in darkness. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) has reported that a large number of fire- related incidents involve faulty electrical connections. Informal settlements are high-risk areas, since the BFP does not conduct fire hazard inspections in these communities. MyShelter envisions sharing to underprivileged communities an economically- and ecologically-sustainable source of light that will provide an immediate solution to our fellowmen’s problems.

A Trip to Sungai Pelek

Empty road miles away from Sg. Pelek

Traditional house near the kelapa sawit (palm oil) plantation

Fishermen trying their luck.

The Storm and Mother Nature, Inevitable.

The walls seem to move, the stirring darkness energised with electricity; such pitiful place does little to prevent the Storm from being heard or felt. I can see the windows vibrate, and hear the intense pounding of the rain on the roof. Such is the fury of Mother Nature.

Malaysians have been experiencing radical changes to our weather. Predictable seasons no longer conform to their schedule of rain, heat and humidity. Savagery of the elements, not even our technology can predict Her movements. The Storm shows her pleasure to our rainforests, rivers and wildlife by showering much-needed rain. She shows no mercy to mankind, we are trapped in our complacency » our redundancy. We forget the bounty in this country, and take Her for granted.

I pull back the curtain, biting my lips, I seek not solitude away from the Storm. I have been eagerly waiting for Her arrival. She floods villages, cities and communities; She flattens entire neighbourhood with the overpowering wind. I do not escap…

A Miserable Slum by the Dirty Canal

You can find the slums at almost every corner of Bangkok, in between bustling shopping malls, behind the busy commercial district, a stone throw away from the zeon-filled hangouts of the elites and the ultra-rich. The poor can only afford housing based on their small income, many are fortunate compared to the homeless; although hardship is tough regardless. This small piece of the slum has a canal-view, regularly burdened by the noisy engine-propelled ferry that passes by every 10 minutes.

Despite the residents' poor housing condition, they have access to electricity and water, which somewhat lessens their hardship. Thais are not the only community living in the slums. One can find a community of foreign migrant workers and refugees.

A city settlement of the marginalized and the poor.

Yet the most common challenge they face is the landlords; eager to have their land back for capitalist development, they force the residents out from their homes. Many landlords have resorted to a…

Human perseverance, spiced with prayers, among rural folks in Thailand

The trip to Pattaya was smooth, free from the hectic traffic of Bangkok. I was not in the mood for long trips on the road, however this time it was an exception. Gave me time to contemplate, and see the lives of rural folks before reaching my destination.

Rural development in Thailand is organic; community planning is not based on an advance scheme by their provincial governments. There is a high degree of rural-urban migration, and I suspect that the use of foreign migrant workers will intensify in the next ten years.

The farmers work in their fields, tendering to their vegetables and trees. They toil away under the heat, though at that point, there was an absence of humidity, unlike in Malaysia. Strenuous labor, the farmers, usually consisting of men and women, take a couple of rest breaks in a day. And before sunset, they retreat to their wooden homes, to the comforts of their families, hot spicy food and cold beer.

I observed that Thais are deeply mystical in their faith, sometim…