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"Untouchability while Walking" - the misery of life

Dalits walking through a neighborhood belonging to another caste are still expected to remove their footwear. A refusal to comply with 'tradition' often has harsh consequences.

End Untouchability

"Killed in Untouchable Job" - Lives of the Poor

Sanitation workers from the Valmiki Dalit community pay for their jobs with their lives. 350 workers are reported to die each year while working.

This is unacceptable.

REDSHIRT: 2nd anniversary of the crackdown in Thailand

Second year anniversary, where over 90 people, mostly civilians, died in the 2010 violence, which marked the culmination of a series of rival protests since a 2006 coup that toppled Thaksin. 

Where is justice? Former prime minister and the lord of slaughter, Abhisit Vejjajiva (or popularly known as "Mark" ~ who incidentally holds a British passport) gave the military a license-to-kill against the Thai people, so why has he escaped justice? 

Sadly, there are forces in Thai society that would not let justice be done.

What actions have the present Thai government taken to uphold justice for those who have died and those who lived in misery? 

End of humanity, the madness of prejudice

As humanity continues to burn itself with genocide and the explosion of prejudice, our Earth slowly crumbles under the tremendous weight of this monstrosity. The oceans run red with blood, the stagnant rivers filled with fermented gore, and the forests groan in torment.

Bloated bodies fall like acidic rain, from a darkened sky, the time of doom is near.

And all that takes to save us from the end is something that we hesitate to give. Compassion.


As my tears falls She stares blankly She reached over She holds me tight Silence
She holds tighter With silence As I cry uncontrollably She cries with me Soft short cries
I felt her tears Running down my neck and shoulders Thinking Did I just transfer All my sadness?
What have I done What kind of a mother am I She should not need to know My pain My sorrows My sadness
Her eyes tells me Look at me Mom, it's okay I understand I can listen You can trust me
No more words Just  a tight embrace With tears still flowing To say thank you For I would have drown Without those eyes and firm hands
Thank you, my daughter
Nura, 16th May 2012, 12:34am

Bloodbath: Indonesia's Imperialism & Cleansing Campaigns

Public enemy #1 - Imperialism

Tyranny during the cold war struggle, was a favorite pastime of superpowers. Who pulled the strings in the massive puppetry show? Sukarno and Suharto, the lords of imperialism, are equally guilty of the mass hysteria, violence and hatred. Murders, floating in the sea of mass torment, had dominated the cleansing campaign, conducted by experienced death squads of the military, and gore-sniffing mobs.

A bloodbath.

A senseless, ruthless barbarism in which oppression was a flaming, spicy dish that was served on a cold platter. Digesting it would have been another matter. 

Blaming the communists for the slaughter of the Indonesian generals is as ridiculous and obscene as saying that West Papua legitimately belongs to Indonesia.

Indonesia's imperialism, a heinous exercise of dehumanizing and criminalizing people for the freedom that they sought.

War against Institutionalised Apathy

Frustration burns wildly in my soul. In a matter of moments, soon, my tortured soul will turn into fury, once more.

I cannot stand this agony of seeing the poor and the marginalised suffer under the mountain of society's apathy. It is absolutely disgusting.

The fury will be like a blazing forest, fueled by the agony of those that society has ignored or discriminated. Have people died in vain? Of course. Society ignores the needs of the poor for the whims of the elites. It is easier for many to close their eyes and pretend that the poor, the homeless, the disabled, the dying, and the indigenous do not exist.

In desperation, I show defiance to the world. I have been drawn into the slaughterhouse of mayhem, where the Institution expects a conventional war against people like me. There are so few of us, I cannot hope to win in this wicked carnage. Oppression and institutionalised apathy seems to be gaining the upper hand, but deep within my soul my bruised strength remains.

I …

Lifeblood of society ~ Children

Child rights, human rights, in South East Asia. How have we progressed? Are children aware of their rights and are adults respectful of those rights? Does the system accommodate to the rights of all children? Or is it merely lip-service to satisfy the watch dog of the world --> the United Nations.

Prevention and intervention against child abuse and neglect must start with the pledge between civil society and government, moving towards a common goal ~ prioritizing and reducing the consequences of poverty, such as homelessness and child labor. Poor children cannot participate nor can they full integrate into rights-based initiatives because of the prevalent discrimination and the stigma of poor, dirty children. 

Consistent global advocacy and exchanging of ideas at all levels are vital to instill positive behavioral change, from government down to societies, families and most importantly children themselves; for example introducing an Anti-Child Abuse and Human Rights curriculum, start…

My Tweet rants about poverty eradication

Rights-based approach: , accountability, empowerment, participation, non-discrimination & priority to poor people.