Bangkok: Society Inspired by Apathy

The inhabitants of mighty cities and congested towns are rich and prosperous. The practice of benevolence and righteousness is expected. How society feeds upon this idea, a norm... A magnificent flowering of culture, and the need to nourish it.

But fairy tales are currency for widespread distribution. I see apathy in society, not cornered but displayed in full glory in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Inhabitants rely on the strong arms of city hall, the luster of bureaucrats and the abnormal cycle of urban planning that leads to nowhere, for anyone. Urban folks depend greatly on others to make their decision for them, many caring not of the outcome.

My Thai friends are talking, some eagerly whispering about the Bangkok governor election. Sounds to me like an exercise of public relations, or a carnival of peacocks. Whatever they decide, those who are eligible to vote, must not forget they are responsible in building communities.

In Bangkok, the urban poor are usually neglected, pushed down the social structure. If anything is needed to change, then lets start with the urban poor. They deserve equality, improved access to basic rights, and they definitely don't deserve your apathy.

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