In the Plantation but remembering Urban Madness

Back in Malaysia. Spent hours in the plantation a few kilometres away from the sleepy town of Sepang. Not much to see except for the cattles, sandy beach, the thousands of palm oil trees, majestic and tall. The plantations are run by local corporations, with small settlements of local and foreign workers, and forgotten by the mainstream.

Traditional village house in Sepang

My thoughts drifted, in this dazed realm, to the fast lane of Bangkok. In Sepang, there's a retreat from everything modern, the absence of people hording gadgets, no hi-society folks wandering about on 4-inch heels, and fresh clean glorious air.

But as it is, rural and urban settings are similar. One cannot run away from the poverty. The misery is the same.

I must continue my journey, I need to travel.

Elderly Thai man playing music for coins

Isolated beach and boat in Melaka

Sunset in Sepang Beach

Bangkok bars and nightspots 

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