Malaysian Drama of Burning Wisdom

Malaysians live in a culture where wisdom is debased and hate speech is glorified. That's what happens when ultra-nationalists-Melayu, Ibrahim Ali, a by-product of a race-based post-colonial institution. Ibrahim is the president of Perkasa, which is popular among the Melayu community for his incredible views that supports the continuation of the Melayu supremacy of a multi-racial Malaysia.

Ibrahim does what he knows best, his style of Melayu-for-Melayu activism. Can't really fault him for his grand delusions, bordering to what may be seen as Messiah-complex. However what is more interesting is how non-Melayu communities and the liberal Melayu groups react to Ibrahim and the dominant political parties. Seems that many people prefer to remain silent, sitting on the fence or just act stupid; either they don't care or they feel oppressed and voiceless.

Personally I think many don't care, preferring the institutionalize life of nodding their heads to their government and corporate masters, and be subjugated by the cycle of conformity. Such is the "Malaysia Boleh" culture of redundancy.

Well in that case, Ibrahim Ali and those of ultra-nationalistic (and neo-fascists like their counter parts in Thailand) background have won their fight for their supposedly birthright to sit on the heads of the Malaysian masses. In part, maybe Malaysians have adapted so well to the art of being complacent and bowing in worship to all that is fundamentally lop-sided and morally wrong.

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