Nuer Mek 2 and the Soap Opera of Bangkok

The Thai blitz, a spiral of spat. Not surprising when political foes are at it again. Bitter rivalries, sending reconciliation into the pisspot of insanity.

For the past few days I observed the Twitter exchanges with great amusement, how a Thai soap opera came to an abrupt end. The opposition party, the Democrats, claiming the prime-time show was axed after political interference.

"Nuer Mek 2" (Above the Clouds) was abruptly pulled off air by Channel 3, a privately-funded network, and ruffled feathers of peacocks in the social media.

The Thai government denied accusations it was behind the decision and Chavanond Intarakomalyasut of the Democrats has called for an investigation into the cancellation.

As if Thais don't have important human rights concerns troubling their country. Militants killing civilians in the south, crime among children going amok in Bangkok, homelessness largely ignored by the BMA, HIV/AIDS still a societal taboo, violence against women and children, poverty, migrant workers and refugees, justice for those who died or injured during the 2010 military crackdown, etc etc so forth.

I find the bickering, in true Thai-fashion, about a soap opera completely outrageous, devoid of intellectual capacity from an urban community that still believes in ignoring people in the slums or the prevailing beggarism. They fight like cats and dogs over a soap opera. But then, some may agree with me, isn't this to be expected from Bangkok's urban culture of political suicide?

Another ploy? Yes, of course. The Bangkok governor election, with a beaming heavy-weight Sukhumbhand, is looming at the corner, the murder charge of Abhisit for his role in the crackdown, and the rampaging presence of trolls waging war on those who are not ultra in their patriotism.

I wager, the lie only goes as far as one can throw it - in this case, I've told my friends in Bangkok to throw the TV down the drain and start focusing on concerns of the marginalised and the poor.

Avoid the drama, stay focus.

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