Silent Gaps between Classes in Bangkok

A grueling life on the streets for Bangkok. Nothing odd about it, even admitted by some living in luxury and comfort. Hardship is a way of life in Thailand's capital. That's to be expected, and that's what many have accepted as their fate, their karma.

Bangkok is geared for the upcoming governor election, something the political elites are eager. Its a carnival, a fun fest for them. Those with legitimate ownership of a house are able to vote for their choice. Those living in extreme poverty or homeless cannot.

The metropolis is always hungry for more development. It swallows the desires of urban Thais and facilitates opportunities for those with business connection. Endless opportunities for money and power.

This hub, this hellish melting pot, under the present governor has little to offer for those who are poor. Urban poverty sends them into the pits of hardship. None will ever taste basic rights, it is after all the unofficial rule, those without the flair of the rich are damned into misery.

Oddity, indeed. If one is expected to survive in Bangkok then one is expected to be born privileged. Sadly millions of Thais and foreigners who make Bangkok their home, will continue to live in hardship; that's the way of life... unless the unique regime and leadership of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) changes.

Karma, at times that cycle of silent redundancy; unless the masses refuse to conform, and prove to others that their views and dreams matter. The time for change is now.

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