Migrant Workers Subjected to Horrors in Malaysia

There are 2.3 million registered migrant workers in Malaysia, and an uncountable number of those enter the country illegally. Society is heavily dependent on the migrant community to facilitate comfort for Malaysians. The rush towards Malaysia's developed nation status by 2020 comes with a heavy price.

60,000 Cambodians work in Malaysia, providing comfort to their employers while we race for development in the corporate rat race or rushing to make ends meet in a country that suffers from an increasing standard of living. And the abuse and neglect continues.

John's article about Nirmala explains it all, yet barely touches on the gruesome cases of others.

Refugees in Malaysia do not have the right of identity, they are classified by the law as "illegal immigrants" - making human rights and basic needs unreachable. Children of migrant workers and refugees are made vulnerable due to this.

The prejudice and ignorance Malaysians show explains our behavior towards migrants and refugees. Despite calling ourselves members of a "Caring Society" we often, intentionally, ignore the human rights violation of migrants, simply because we don't care.

While the press and media highlights news based on the whims and fancies of Malaysian society, there is still enough information floating about for society to learn and adopt a positive behavior. Yet we continue seeing foreigners drown in our nationalized stigmatization, that wicked burning desire to live in a bubble of comfort and apathy.

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