Observing CNY in Thailand

It has been a week since I arrived in Thailand; made my way through the Malaysian-Thai border, reaching Hatyai where I met with some Thai Muslim and Buddhist friends. The topic of the day wasn't the violence in the Thai south provinces, rather they were all looking forward to the Chinese New Year. Almost similar thoughts with Malaysians, obsessed with the CNY holidays, open houses and feasts.

I actively avoided celebrating any festive seasons last year, a period of mourning and contemplation. Yet this year I look forward to living life, celebrating life and embracing the joys of living. Speaking to my friends about the CNY was refreshing, though in some ways, with some nervous hesitation of some sort.

Anyway, I managed to take a few snapshots in Bangkok today, not the usual celebratory message one would be accustomed to. To all my friends, foes, acquaintances and loved one who celebrate CNY, or merely for the sheer sake of joy at the opportunity, may you have an enlightened new year. Peace.

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