ThaiSouth: Blind Faith to the Nectar of Violence

Migration. Thai Muslims making their way to peaceful settlements, living their lives away from the carnage of the deepest southern realms of Thailand. With the exception of the south Thai slang, an overlapping of Thai influences on to a rough Kelantanese-like tongue, and the scarf worn by the women folks, one can't differentiate them from the ever-growing population of Thais and foreigners in Bangkok.


The south Thai population in Bangkok are somewhat urbanized, with access to the modern infrastructure offered by the metropolis. Yet many live in the slums, scattered from one crowded settlement to another, from Khlong Toei to smaller homes near to Chong Nonsi. Poverty is naturally a concern, but many families are thankful they are away from the carnage that happens almost on a daily basis in Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala

Interestingly, there is a high degree of ignorance and prejudice among many non-Muslim Thais about their countrymen from the south. Society seems uninterested, and the lack of understanding about the hardship faced by the south Thais; many have simplified the conflict as a Jihad or a fermented Muslim hatred against the Buddhist Thais. 

There's is no Jihad in South Thailand, as how can it be so when Thai Muslim militants slay Muslim civilians? 

Critics seems eager to kick the national government at their misadventures, and these critics fail to mention that those with true political power in the South are from the Democrat Party. But then again, could it be that even those technically in such position of authority are powerless to act. Finger-pointing, back-biting behaviors don't solve anything, and as such the militants feed upon the political drama, eager to throw themselves upon the civilians, soldiers and police force.

Militants from the three Thai provinces depend on random, unconventional raids. Their supporters wage war on the social media, especially on Facebook, spreading word of how the so-called Buddhist oppression pushes the Thai Mulism minorities into extinction - and thus its supposedly the duty of Thai Melayu Muslims to resist and retaliate, even if it means slaying fellow Muslims

ThaiSouth Pattani
snap-shot of HRW's article
Melayu propaganda spins fail to mention the growing antagonism between Shia and Sunni communities, not just in Thailand but in many parts of South Asia and South East Asia. A crusade under the cover of Melayu nationalistic pride, to eradicate those who do not meet the Shia or Sunni prerequisites of the "True Path" - and yet so many refuse to even consider this fact. Something that even ASEAN, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, Human Rights Watch or the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand have failed to mention or assess.

I am not convinced that NGOs, whether local or foreign, have the right mind-set pertaining to the situation in the south. Nor am I convinced that their source of information is accurate, usually laced with political affiliation and interest. Thailand is after all a country that depends heavily on color politics, and when one speaks to members of an NGO or Thai expert, you'll have to ask yourself whether the person is a Yellow Shirt or Red.

The fact is militants don't care about color of your political agendas. They are eager to kill, maim and spread this supposedly Islamic values upon others, even if it means shoving their dogma down the throats of other Muslims.

The few want to continue romanticizing the violence in the south as a duty to remove the unbelievers from the land. Such morality is naturally the most perverted of opinions, I find no logic in act of oppression nor do I find it amusing when Muslims justify the butchering in the name of Allah.

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