Withdrawal of Thai Troops in the ThaiSouth?

Recycled outcry and redundant demands made by people thinking themselves expert in the ThaiSouth violence.

The Student Federation of Thailand is in a delusional transition, similar to others who make outrageous claims of knowing safety concerns and security measures affecting the people living in the ThaiSouth. If the military withdraws from the three provinces, Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat, who would be left to safeguard the people? The police force? Against the might of the militants who are efficient in the use of assault rifles and explosives? Are there enough police, and are they trained to ward off the random ambush attacks?

Infantile, irresponsible and disgusting.

Its a fact that there needs to be more efforts at not only increasing jobs, reduction of poverty and enhancing education but also improving the quality of life for all in the south. This should be balanced by community-building programs and most importantly enabling the environment for participation in governance. Human rights monitoring and intervention must be coordinated by both the authorities and the people, to ensure justice for the rights of those who are oppressed. Policies, laws, adequate resources and transparency should stabilize possible tilting to suit one party over the other.

And what about the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand? Forget them, they seem to be interested only in their suits, interviews with the media, conferences and corporate photo-shoots. There should be a creation of a ThaiSouth Human Rights Commission, empowered to act on the needs of the local population. Why depend on people from the other provinces when they care not of what happens to those living in hardship in the south?

Social justice for the people can be achieved through ownership and self-determination by Thai Muslims and the Buddhist minority who call the Thai south their home.

Withdrawing Thai troops would only make it impossible for social development, and those living in the south would be punished and exposed to wanton violence by the militants. I'm sure its easy for those living in the other provinces or within the comforts of their air-conditioned rooms to make half-baked comments or throw about vanity-driven suggestions. They have no fear of militants waiting to behead them.

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