Joys of Seeking and Hoping without Limits

My first trip to Bangkok was when I was a mere lad, accompanying my father and the family on a series of wondrous globetrotting. My late father was a serious Malaysian Minangkabau diplomat, and similar in characteristic like his father who left our ancestral land in West Sumatra seeking his fortunes in Malaya, way before independence. It was only natural in less than a decade of my father's death, I continued travelling in the early '90s, completely consumed by the wanderlust.
Anyway, back to Bangkok.

Back and forth, in early 2011 for a harm reduction workshop, and later in the year, for the Great Thai Flood which swept through many of the Thai provinces, from north to south - raging mud-covered flash floods to stagnant polluted waters. Slums, protests, a heavy dose of travelling in 2012, I was then fortunate to have visited Narathiwat, in the "Deep South" of Thailand.

The urge to write something...

I've contemplated writing a book, though I have poor skills in writing, I seek to document the explosion of senses during my time as a relief worker, social worker cum harm reductionist. My brief attempt at finding a publisher met with blank looks and the notorious Malaysian-style of professionalism: unanswered emails. Malaysian publishers, I wager, were not interested in my style of writing, or maybe didn't see a value or profitability to my concepts. Oh well, I'm sure publishers and writers are still making money from the usual crap of Melayu-fetish for horror and scandalous stories, a buffet orgy of fictitious mind-fucks.

I marvel at the delusional cravings of a dysfunctional society; oh don't get me wrong, I see such behavior in many urban societies throughout southeast Asia. And not just Malaysians and Thais, add the large groups of foreigners from the supposedly-educated "Western" world and the realm down-under.

I'm blessed to have made friends in and out of the region. Aye, it is expected that despite the friendship and meeting new faces that grumbling and conflicting views are met with outraged and almost spectral stares. Aye, I am not just an annoying Malaysian, I am Zashnain Zainal, the mortal who finds pleasure in the joys of seeking and hoping without limits.

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