Malaysia's General Election: Parody of Democracy

Seems to me, nowadays the Malaysian Institution supports the art of 'civilized behavior' among the citizens. Despite the boasts of being an educated society, Malaysians tend to resort to hooliganism - preferring such to dialogues or respecting the freedom of assembly.

Zashnain Zainal
Hooligans waving the blue BN flags

I find it disgusting that this 'educated' Malaysian society has chosen to embrace hypocrisy for the sake of prestige and sucking up to the those who are of higher caste then the rest. The 13th General Election or simply known as #GE13 and the events leading to it, is a highly inflamed soap-opera, and not just for this supposedly right of a democratic nation but also how people become professional thugs in order to 'convince' the undecided to vote for their political party.

And naturally why is it that when it comes to the urgent issues, needs and concerns of the marginalized poor, Malaysians do not take to the streets to protests against injustices and social oppression? Maybe, Malaysians are still at its infancy, the maturity that is absent and the values that boils in the pisspot of arrogance.

I leave you, for now, to enjoy the comments from Malaysians regarding the GE:


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