My Way into the Flickering Shadows

Tonight. A reawakening. A revival of a neglected soul,

The day was painful but disappearance of the sun's glory brought about the resurgence, at last, the night setting my balance, my tranquility,

Reconstruct these fleeting thoughts, memories shifting into paradox,

A change for the better; inhalation and exhalation of air. I am back.

Restoring consciousness. Calm of forgetfulness, all gone...

Those miserable resuscitation of past deeds, they are wiped clean from the mind.

My everlasting punishment; doom no more.

We suffer, we boil, altogether, into the pot of damnation, of intellectual pessimism.

Allowing the sensation, almost pleasurable, then leaping away from the plague of calamity.

I miss the sight of rising of water along the seashore, waves breaking the sand and a combination of wind and lightning tearing the terrain.

That sheer joy, a cataclysm, to feel Her presence tenderly touching my face; I smile, welcoming that Storm, those memories.

The trial of tears; visitation of tender tribulation...

My mind, is in state of mind - random burst, perhaps from these feelings of exquisite emotion; joyous ecstasy.

I listen to sweet silence, music in a perfect rapture, ungodly to the soul,

The pendulums of euphoria, no discomfort, no despair,

I seek not to banish myself, or others, with that one harsh word; not into the depths of loss,

Not tonight, the flickering shadows are mine.

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