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Pattani-Melayu, BRN and Mockery of Peace

Barisan Revolusi National (BRN) in a desperate attempt to gain sympathy from the Malay-speaking community, released a video highlighting their demands for the peace process and pre-negotiations. The ethno-nationalist militant group was formed in the 1960s, seeking independence from Thailand.

Its interesting that in the list of demands, BRN wants Malaysia to play a greater role, rather than merely a facilitator to the negotiations between the Pattani-Melayu elites and the government of Thailand.

Within the context of a supposedly 'Kingdom' of Pattani, the northern states of Malaysia would naturally fall within their scope of land ownership. I would be most interested to hear the reactions, if any, of any Malay ultra-nationalists who support ThaiSouth militancy, about the prospects of losing land and rights to the Pattani militants.

As for the Pattani-Melayu groups, claiming to fight for Islam and their race, I find it sadistically ironic that the many of the injured and dead ci…

Cross of Gold

'Cross of Gold' by AK Rockefeller | Video by Humphrey King"You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold." To download this track visit:

Death of a Homeless Causes No Ripple to Society

Beyond the evening sky, the grace of the sweltering heat. An absence of distant thunder, there is no cool breeze to embrace nor strong wind to whip at the trees. The homeless walk, in no particular direction, there is no urgency in their steps.

The homeless in Bangkok are excluded from the mainstream, banished into the labyrinth of cement, steel and wood. Exiled to wander, shunned by the masses, their lives in the loss.

When the time comes, they die. Forgotten in the waste of society's prejudice. There's is no ripple of change, no uproar, no clenching of the fist at the injustice. They die alone.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's ASEAN Tour

Indonesia's president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, is on an ASEAN-tour. The region takes delight whenever this man, a brutal colonist of West Papua, and with his usual fanfare of hog-washed propaganda, travels their way in his Boeing B737-800.

Never mind, the thousands dead buried in pitiful graves or missing from the embrace of their families. Never mind the devolution of an ancient culture in a land which is foreign to the Susilo's empire. Never mind the presence of Western-equipped and trained Indonesian troops and death squads running amok. Oh hell, why not just forget about the widespread human rights violation altogether.

But the again, member states of ASEAN, these countries hungry to sustain the ideology of a regional Institution of solidarity, are quite proficient in the arts of puppetry. Keep the masses distracted, maintain the ignorance of the poor and franchise a bastardized hope called "democracy" which only serves the whims of the civilized few and the ul…

Malaysia: Global Bersih Day of Re-Action

Democracy, a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them.

Cyber Suffocation of the Internet in Thailand

Cyber-crime and laws. Apparently not many Thais are aware of their own computer crime law, much less the technicalities of cyber-security. But then again, the word "cyber" has been widely abused by those believing that they have the right to impose regulations on the internet.

The heart of internet use lies in Bangkok, with the growing cluster of IT experts, fueled by Thailand's insatiable hunger for social media and news. It's been a growing trend, people seem to lust for gadgets and information, a somewhat traditional mindset clash for those eager to ride the wave and the orthodox.
#Thailand to reform cyber-crime law @moui#internet // sounds like #censorship to me!
— Zashnain Zainal (@bedlamfury) April 19, 2013 Recently the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) announced their intention to reform the country's computer crime law. I'm all for an organic growth of laws, but naturally they must be set in synergy with the needs and co…

A Traveler in Need of Sight

Travel, tempers this colossal element of a few sights into inducement for the sensation of disbelief.  Different minds, we find images flattering, or not. 
Restraint of movement, something which I avoid, for just that sheer pleasure of embracing the wildest freedom. I see all, I share that brief particle of sight to those seeking not.

PAD to Cambodia: "Take Your Stone, Leave Us Our Land"

The People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has called its members for solidarity, on their latest campaign against Cambodia. PAD plans to place Thailand's national flag at the highly-disputed temple of Preah Vihear.

Thailand has taken its border row with Cambodia to the International Court of Justice. The Thai government does not dispute the ownership of the Temple of Preah Vihear but both sides claim an adjacent 4.6 square-kilometer patch of land. 
However PAD wants it all, conforming to their imperialistic belief of land domination in the nationalistic spirit of Siam. PAD's war-chant:  "Take your stone, leave us our land" 
Its also a known fact that PAD seeks to ignite confrontation within and out of Thailand, for the sheer pleasure of discrediting the Thai government, which is held by their political foe, Pheu Thai Party. The future seems bleak with the stranglehold that the Yellow Shirt elitists have, and their ultra puritan need to subjugate the masses. 

Ruins of Preah Vihear

A temple, or what's left of it. This temple was constructed by master architects, built on the edge of a majestic plateau that dominates the plains of Cambodia.

Border disputes on both sides has proven to be a sticky affair. Previous Thai government under Abhisit Vejjajiva, supported, cheered and pushed by conservative royalist-nationalists which led to several skirmishes with the Cambodian army. No surprise that Abhisit sided with the ultras in order to garner brownie points with the minority elites and nationalists. After all, that is what Thai politics is all about. 
I believe this is not about reclaiming what is perceived to be rightfully theirs. Its simply about greed for power, the insecurity of those thinking that regardless of historical significance, everything should be dominated and subdued. Its all about the nationalists, the fascists, the corrupt and the few. 
The ruins caused by nationalistic pride. 

In pain, and in love

--> Colours, smell
Hope, despair Familiarity, strangers Others have walked the path I am just another traveler But do our eyes see that one smile Breathe in that intoxicating passion Taste that glory of life Subdue the pain Fall in love

Exiled into the Labyrinth of Bangkok

Was it that this traveler had been banished into far-flung realms, to gather no stories of distant lives, but instead to absorb the hardship of others and taste the nectar of bedlam produced by society. I see life, shapeless, clinging desperately on the torn folds of a shredded illusion. I see them all, the state of uproar.

Who Burned 13 Orphan Boys Alive in Yangon, Myanmar?

The answer to this question may surprise you, if you, like many people, subscribe to the notion that Buddhism is a religion of peace. To be fair, it appears every religion can and will be hijacked by bloodthirsty fanatics. The fire that killed 13 young boys in a Muslim orphanage and school was almost certainly set deliberately by Burmese Buddhist Nationalists who are following the teachings of an extremely dangerous and virulently racist Buddhist Monk named Wirathu.

The Burmese military-dominated government and local police are also often complicit (or even directly involved) in the violence perpetrated against Muslims and ethnic/religious minorities in general. Even before investigating this fire, government and local media claimed that it was caused by an accidental short circuit, despite eyewitness accounts that there was no electricity in the school or mosque at the time of the fire.
Eyewitnesses also noted the smell of petrol on the clothes of escaped children, and students an…

Cambodia: A generation lost in fear

Cambodia - once the darling of the aid organizations, now with an uncertain future. The inflated salary earners have gone, the UN vehicles a rare sight. Some from the outside have given up and left the people to pick up the pieces of what I think was another set of imposed ideals. Its easy to brush aside the society and go where the new sexy appeal is: Burma.

But today I let myself be reminded of the pain in the Cambodian society, one that has suffered a lost generation, and the surviving ones who continue to carry the burden of fear. Its one of the biggest hurdles for the mental and psychological liberation of the people. The symbolic value of converting a school into one of the worst torture centres is not lost on the present day society.
Its a wonder that the people here in Phnom Penh I know are determined to fight for social justice in the country, but it is not an easy battle for them. Even their families prefer to keep quiet, as memories of the brutal past continue to haunt th…