A Traveler in Need of Sight

Travel, tempers this colossal element of a few sights into inducement for the sensation of disbelief.  Different minds, we find images flattering, or not. 

Restraint of movement, something which I avoid, for just that sheer pleasure of embracing the wildest freedom. I see all, I share that brief particle of sight to those seeking not.

A quiet cafe, filling with early morning patrons

Street, absent of order; danger lurks beyond

In these modern days, he walks with an air of desolation, in the realm homeless and friendless

Springing to life, people buying what they need not, when they can

They are proficient in deals, eager vendors of materialism and consumption

Obscure and narrow alley, devoid of breath, absence of life 

A glance of temporary tranquility; wonderment falling among the leaves like hail

But how can a thief deny such picking?

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