Pattani-Melayu, BRN and Mockery of Peace

Barisan Revolusi National (BRN) in a desperate attempt to gain sympathy from the Malay-speaking community, released a video highlighting their demands for the peace process and pre-negotiations. The ethno-nationalist militant group was formed in the 1960s, seeking independence from Thailand.

Its interesting that in the list of demands, BRN wants Malaysia to play a greater role, rather than merely a facilitator to the negotiations between the Pattani-Melayu elites and the government of Thailand.

Within the context of a supposedly 'Kingdom' of Pattani, the northern states of Malaysia would naturally fall within their scope of land ownership. I would be most interested to hear the reactions, if any, of any Malay ultra-nationalists who support ThaiSouth militancy, about the prospects of losing land and rights to the Pattani militants.

As for the Pattani-Melayu groups, claiming to fight for Islam and their race, I find it sadistically ironic that the many of the injured and dead civilians are Thai Muslims. Militants have shown no regret at the deaths and the severe violation of human rights.

Is this Islam? No. Definitely not.

Does BRN represent Muslims and the masses in the ThaiSouth? No. The Pattani-Melayu's right to a legitimate insurgency is merely an illusion, sustained by rejected politicians, ego-licking Melayu wannabes and backed by heavily-armed dead squads.

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