Ruins of Preah Vihear

A temple, or what's left of it. This temple was constructed by master architects, built on the edge of a majestic plateau that dominates the plains of Cambodia.

Cambodia Thailand

Border disputes on both sides has proven to be a sticky affair. Previous Thai government under Abhisit Vejjajiva, supported, cheered and pushed by conservative royalist-nationalists which led to several skirmishes with the Cambodian army. No surprise that Abhisit sided with the ultras in order to garner brownie points with the minority elites and nationalists. After all, that is what Thai politics is all about. 

I believe this is not about reclaiming what is perceived to be rightfully theirs. Its simply about greed for power, the insecurity of those thinking that regardless of historical significance, everything should be dominated and subdued. Its all about the nationalists, the fascists, the corrupt and the few. 

The ruins caused by nationalistic pride. 


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