Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's ASEAN Tour

Indonesia's president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, is on an ASEAN-tour. The region takes delight whenever this man, a brutal colonist of West Papua, and with his usual fanfare of hog-washed propaganda, travels their way in his Boeing B737-800.

Indonesia Susilo

Never mind, the thousands dead buried in pitiful graves or missing from the embrace of their families. Never mind the devolution of an ancient culture in a land which is foreign to the Susilo's empire. Never mind the presence of Western-equipped and trained Indonesian troops and death squads running amok. Oh hell, why not just forget about the widespread human rights violation altogether.

Indonesia military

But the again, member states of ASEAN, these countries hungry to sustain the ideology of a regional Institution of solidarity, are quite proficient in the arts of puppetry. Keep the masses distracted, maintain the ignorance of the poor and franchise a bastardized hope called "democracy" which only serves the whims of the civilized few and the ultra-rich.

People like Susilo will continue travelling the region, re-introducing their brand of their countries' progress with hints of nationalism and prideful patriotism. That's to be expected; politicians will rush to greet him and his suit-licking entourage. Children in school uniforms will be placed at strategic locations under the glaring sunlight to wave those pitiful small Indonesian flags. Heads of state will offer outrageous testimonies about Susilo and his contribution towards society, from the banquet halls of the rich to the comforts of a grand meeting room, surrounded by the nation's intellectual might.

Frenzied, status-hungry wannabes, all licking their oily lips, clapping their hands as the president walks past them.

And thus the feeding into the needs of a collective mind, the hive of hypocrisy and injustice.

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