Plantations: Economic Plague of the Corporations

Oil palm plantations, or often known as palm oil estates, are the success stories of the Malaysian government. Resources and propaganda have been specially allocated to meet the demands of the owners, usually large corporations with profitable goals at the expense of the struggling estate workers, their families and the environment.

Institutionalized life greets you, as one wanders deeper in the plantations. The people living and working in near-isolation, away from the bustling madness of Kuala Lumpur, are themselves in a daily attempt to survive. There is no richness nor comfort here, one is surrounded by remnants of devastation - where hills and forests were bulldozed to make room for trees that are not indigenous to the land.

Despite it all, people live, people work and people die; mere dots of brown and black in the suffocating sea of green.
Zashnain Malaysia

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