Bangkok Rapture, Seeing Past the Contradiction

Even as the rainy season pounds on the city, I make all excuses to venture deeper into this maze-like city of contradictions. Besides the overload of politics and talks of civil unrest, which at times tend to ferment beyond its natural scope of expectations, I limp forward.
Not that I care much for the radically-charged thoughts of both local and foreigners about their overzealous political views of this and that, I have a city to explore, one that I find fascinating. Politics, and the bloated street rallies have been annoyingly torturous to the senses, and sanity.
Rain, drizzling in one corner of a district, while at an other one can easily listen to the rapid explosive oaths of a Thai who was caught in a downpour. Flash floods are a common sight where roads have replaced the functions of drains and sewers. Wet wheels, vehicles inching their way in the traffic and frustrated cursing drivers. I have no sympathy for Bangkok residents who have always anticipated rain yet do nothing except curse.

The marvels of a Thai mosque, barely 80 meters from a river, almost squeezed in between small roads and back lanes. Random thoughts, leaping, I hold back my rage to explore this old part of town.Simple, unimpressive architecture, yet satisfying to my eyes. A religious place of worship should be devoid of grand complexities. Not as if the Divine cares of mortal structures.
The Thais are quite a patriotic lot, taking pride in their nationalistic belief that they are "one", regardless of the splinter groups and raging color-politics of the majority and minority. Perhaps because of the decades of ideological experimentation, sampling from one to another, nevertheless people expect the obvious: a good quality of life... though the poor are often neglected. Oh well, such is life... in Bangkok.
Darken skies, promises of more rain, and I can't help but bite my lips in anticipation. Canals groan at the present predicament they are in, overflowed with stagnant water and trash floating about. This Venice of the East seems unprepared, courtesy of a society bent on unworldly goals and the infestation of uncaring personalities.
Doing my best to not let my left foot slow me down. An injury, under embarrassing circumstances, sustained during my outreach in the Malaysian plantation. And the obvious delay in seeking medical attention. Amusingly, the foot becomes temporarily useless when immobile... so I continue my journey, limping at times.
Bangkok, is a city of food; abundance, in all forms and flavors. I take delight when my saliva glands work overtime, especially when confronted with a bowl of steaming beef broth or munching on local crunchy snacks. Sometimes, I wonder about that curiously addictive cuisine from Malaysia. Such thoughts are usually brief, banished with great effort. Malaysian food in Bangkok doesn't truly exist.
And coffee, sweet drinks and whatever I can consume. Remarkably affordable and accessible. On and off, I would visit a roadside cafe, a coffee-shop by Malaysian standards, but with a far better ambiance and service. Would do well to avoid the Star Bucks and cafes frequented by tourists and high-society folks.
No dilemmas, no contradiction for me this time. This rapture, in a fast-paced city that is obsessed with delusions, swamped with materialism and abandonment of logic, I believe this feeling will last.

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