ThaiSouth: Suspension of Hostilities during Ramadan?

Ramadan, the yearly observance of what is deeply ingrained in a Muslim's life, is around the corner. Its not just one of those times you will find that Muslims refrain from consumption from morning to sunset, rather it is norm that those who fast exercise control of their emotions, and thus perhaps obtain a measurable mastery of their mind and bodies.
A candid conversation took place this morning with a small group of my Thai Muslim friends, at best people feel comfortable in focus group discussions as sentiments of the largely ignorant society seem to be perplexed at the thought of Islam, Muslims and ThaiSouth.

Ramadan, what about it in the southern provinces of Thailand? Its these moments, when the leadership of militant groups and the blood-thirsty internet troll are pondering about the violence and whether people should call for a suspension for hostility or proceed with the bombings, beheading and riddling their targets with bullets.

Our conversations led to the conclusion that the militants will continue with the carnage, sadly. In 2012, there was no evidence of a temporary cessation. In fact last year, during my first visit to Narathiwat, the bombings did not stop as promised by some quarters.
Violence committed by militants who are bent on their self-styled acts of supposed liberation end with a huge toll on civilian life. A quick assessment of daily news of deaths and injuries indicate Muslims are targeted by Muslim militants. Children are not exempted from this equation.

A Muslim policeman was shot and killed while praying in a mosque on 17 June in the Yala province. And then we read about other security personnel blasted and injured on a regular basis. Indeed, the lords of carnage have no intention of stopping even during a "holy month" called Ramadan.

I don't think the militants are inspired by their faith and definitely not from acts of compassion or firm belief to serve their community. Their ultra nationalistic war path serves only their political masters who are physically far from the troubled lands, and to cater to the whims of those licking their lips as blood drips.

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