A mega city's hypocrisy on poverty

Poverty in this mega capital of Thailand is interpreted differently by many. Some say its a human trafficking problem, some point out to syndicates that depend on beggars for income, others point out that they are not responsible for the lives of the damned... and there are people who don't really care about anything except for their bank accounts, or their next fuck session.

Well, people are full of themselves. Lecturing about human rights, eagerly sharing views of how this and that should take place to improve the welfare system, or even delightfully comparing their country's success with poverty-reduction. All talk, and yet these very people have done nothing sustainable or anything at all for the poor. Excuses.

It's just, simply, that some, or many, have given up on empathy. There's no other great mystery to it. Compassion is on low supply nowadays, and unfortunately the urban poor will continue living in hardship... whether in the slums or under the filthy bridge.

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